Tips for Trans Women How to be Fashion and Beautiful

As a trans woman, you have lived as a man for years and now you finally can live as a woman. It is wonderful and there are many things you need to learn. Such as how to select the perfect outfits and have the best makeup look for different occasions. The following tips are able to help trans women about these things.

What should you do?

Dressed by age

As a transgender woman, you may want to compensate for the time spent as a man in the past years, but if you want to be respected as a woman, you must dress depend on your age. So if you are almost 30 years old, you can’t pass a denim skirt and a crop top like a younger teenage girl. Women of this age are usually more elegant and more dressed.

Prepare a concealer

If you are still in the transition period, but want to use cosmetics, concealer should be your best choice. A good quality concealer will hide your aftershave, eye bags and any other features that may make you look masculine rather than feminine. Of course, the choice of concealer should also choose the correct color number, according to the different skin color to choose a concealer that suits you, can make you look more feminine.

Learn the latest trends

If you want to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and styles, you need to do some research, which includes fashion ICONS and websites that track transgender and cis women. Instagram and Pinterest are a good place to start. Of course, some popular fashion magazines are also good choices, such as Vogue.

What you shouldn’t do?

Don’t be fearful of trying new things

If you are comfortable with your state, you should not be fearful of trying new things. After all, the true meaning of fashion is to mix and match the styles and patterns you never thought of, and boldly decide what to wear. No matter what you are in, be careful to choose and consider whether this dress is suitable for the next occasion you want to appear.

Don’t overdo makeup

Makeup should be used modestly unless you try to hide ugly scars or birthmarks. If you are over-makeup, you may look more like a disguised queen than a well-proportioned woman, so you may not be taken seriously as a true woman, especially when you have a trans dating.

Don’t mix prints

For every girl, in the everyday fashion life, a very simple rule is “do not mix prints.” With white and black, it’s hard to find two pieces of clothes that are all the same white or black shades, one might put the other out. It doesn’t mean that they can’t mix well but you would have better avoid this risk. Mixed imprinting can have very serious consequences if not handled properly, and the two unique blots are probably not mixed together.