Reasons for Men Choosing Transgender Women

According to the survey, the number of trans dating websites on the market is soaring, while the number of permanent members of kinky dating websites is also growing. Many people may wonder why this phenomenon occurs. In fact, the growth of dating websites and the number of members interact. As the number of ttm dating increases and transgender people gradually step onto the world stage, transgender people gradually get more understanding and recognition. As a result, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of people looking for trans hookup partners. As to why more and more people want to choose transgender people as partners rather than cisgender people, I interviewed many friends who date ftm dating people around me. They gave me some answers.

  • Transgender women are more loyal to their dates

Although many people are reluctant to admit it, this is a cruel fact. Many men have been cheated and betrayed in the process of dating a natural woman, which traumatizes them physically and mentally. It’s because transgender women’s loyalty to their partners has attracted many men who have been hurt. They know that for ts dating women, they will be the only one. They can enjoy the love of transgender women alone. Transgender women will not betray them, let alone leave them. So they don’t have to worry every day. But this is a cruel fact for ftm dating, because it means they are the second choice, not the first choice.

  • Transgender women can turn men on easily

Most transgender women have attractive bodies compared to their cisgender women. They are slender, have fair skin, developed chest and soft buttocks. In men’s eyes, transgender women are a sexual attraction. As a result, few men can resist the temptation of transgender women. Most importantly, transgender women are skilled in how to arouse men’s sexual desire and men’s orgasm. Therefore, men can enjoy an unprecedented pleasure experience when dating transgender women. Which man can refuse such a beautiful woman? Gradually, transgender women dominate the dating field and more and more men shift their attention to trans women.

  • Transgender women are independent

A transgender woman once told me that before the operation, she was regarded as a strange person, and many people did not want to make friends with her. When she was in trouble, people were reluctant to help her. So she learned to deal with these things by herself. After the operation, there are many people who do not understand her and alienate her. Forced by helplessness, she can only learn to get along with herself, and find ways to release the pressure and discontent in her heart and turn herself into a strong person. That’s why most transgender women are stronger and more independent than cisgender women. Men, while eager to enjoy the company of their girlfriend, do not want to take the responsibility of taking care of her. So they chose transgender women who did not need to be cared for.