Myths about Transsexual Women and Transsexual Dating

Dating is obvious and dating with transsexual woman is amazing. Transsexual dating includes many facts but including those facts, there are also several myths about transsexual dating and transsexual woman. These myths are roaming for quite long time and they are so powerful and strong that anyone can believe in these myths so easily. This is the ill effect of these myths that no one really understands the feelings and basic requirements of these transsexual women and can be ignore or humiliated so easily by anyone. Even though, they are not even accepted by our society. But when we come close to these transsexual women and passionate about ftm dating you would really know what exactly the concept of transsexual woman and what they are feeling when they are ignore or humiliate publicly. There are several myths about transsexual women that need to be corrected.

Transsexual women are not porn star – When we talk about trans dating or transgender woman, we frame a picture of porn movies inside us and expect the same from our transsexual date when we are going out with transsexual woman. But this is not at all correct and only a big bad myth. Transsexual woman too are like other women with emotions and dreams. They also look for regular dating excitement and not for one night stand or one night pleasure. They want to feel the excitement of dating and long term relationship with their dating partner. But usually men think that transsexual women are nothing but a sex worker and always looking for money after your date.

You are not gay or considered as a gay if you date a transsexual woman – This is also one of the most popular myth that a man is considered to be a gay in front of his family, friends or relative he is going to date a transsexual women. This is strictly never going to happen, no one make you gay or cis male. This is only depending on your personal feeling and sexual desires. Dating with a transsexual woman never makes you gay as transsexual women are after all women and you are dating a woman. This is fact that transsexual women are not real woman by birth or based on their genitals. But after having a transsexual surgery, they are completely a woman and would like to date a straight man not any gay.

Transsexual women want you in bed right in your first date – This is common misunderstanding among all community that transsexual women are easy to pick and take out for a date as they are only looking for sex and can easily be available for sex when you are on your first date. This is not at all correct or not even making any sense. Transsexual women own a huge self respect and never represent her as a sex toy to anyone in their first date.

These are the common but most circulated myths that every men thinks about transsexual women or transsexual dating.