How to make transgender men look masculine

Compared with transgender women, transgender men don’t have any practices on how to make themselves look masculine and look more like real men. It is a notion that men and transgender men don’t need to look perfectly and well-dressed. While, I want to say that if you are a transgender man without transitioning surgery there are something you should do to make yourself more masculine and look like a real man. It is hard to find a good trans hookup.

First, shower everyday. This is the life style of most women, but no matter you are a man or woman, personal grooming is an important step of everyday life. Clean yourself everyday, and it will make you feel fresh and clean. You’d better keep a clean shave everyday, but if you want to look wild and masculine by keeping your bread and mustaches, just do it. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure to keep it on a regular base, that will make you look more attractive. And then you can have a higher chance for trans dating. Second, remember to trim the hair inside your nostrils. This habit is often ignored by many transgender men, while, it is often noticed by other people. You should pay more attentions to these parts that are easy to be ignored. Your nails are also an important part if you want to look like a real man. Trim your nail usually. Long nails are not appropriate for men, it looks dirty mass. If you don’t know how to do it by yourself, you can go to a nail parlor for help. You’d better do it at least once a month to make your nails look clean. Third, keep your teeth clean, it couldn’t be better if you can floss your teeth. As a man, you should make sure your teeth look clean and white when talking ans smile. This is a basic tips for transgender men to look clean and comfortable. It is a common since to brush your teeth three times a day, flossing after brushing will make your teeth look perfect and tidy.

Haircut is very important for both men and women. Choose a hairstyle which makes you look handsome like a real man. In my opinion, a short haircut shows your ears and neck is always a great choice for all transgender men. To be frank, I don’t like men with long hair, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and makes them look mass and dirty. As to clothes, if you like formal clothes, suits can be great choice for you, it make you look handsome and clean, and more like a gentleman. If you prefer to casual clothes, shirts and jeans are great choices for you. No matter what kind of style are you prefer to, please make sure you are comfortable and look clean. If you cannot make sure what kind of style is suitable to you, you can ask professionals or friends for advice. Like all women, fragrance can also make men more attractive. Choose a fragrance that makes you more confident. I don’t think fragrance with strong scent is a great choice for transgender men.