How to Make the Transgender Date Go Smoothly (Part 2)

In the last article, we have introduced three ways to guarantee the date go on smoothly. And in this article, we will elaborate the rest of the suggestions that I have summarized during the large number of tranny dates I have been involved in with my previous transgender dating partners. On each of these tranny dates, I have learned different lessens. As a result, I know how to make the date go on smoothly. If you are one of these ts dating finders, then these pieces of advice will be helpful for you.

  • Don’t distract your attention from the current date

No matter what occupies your time and attention before the date, you need to pay all attention on the current date. The case that your attention lingers between the other matters and current date will ruin both of them. In order to ensure the date can be progressing smoothly, you out to focus on the current date completely. Only when you occupy yourself in the date can your date assure her that she is charming enough to catch all your attention.

During your conversation, to show your interest, you can nod occasionally and make eye contact with her. Keep in mind that you had better keep smiling to fill the date with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. If you just look at her and don’t wear any positive expression, your date may be nervous and fall in to suspicions on whether you are thinking about other things or not interested in her at the slightest. So you need to be an active listener and respond to her appropriately.

  • You should pay the bill

When you finish the meal at the restaurant, you should take the initiative to ask the waiter and pay the bill. If you want make a good impression on your date, you should take out your card or cash without any hesitation. And as an experienced person in the lgbt dating field, I want to tell you that a large portion of women want their dates to pay the bill, with no exception of transgender women. Hence, you should pay the date directly and not mentioning the expense at all will be much better. This is one of ways to earn the respect of your date. You should know that if you require your date to pay half, then your good impression on her will also halve.

  • Finish the date appropriately

When the first tranny date is over, you need to make a good ending. And your behaviors will exert a considerable influence to whether your ts dating partner is willing to make the following dates with you. If you hurry to break apart and leave away, that means you deem the date is dull and you look forward to other appointments. At the end of the date, you can tell your date that you expect your next date. And if possible, you can hug her and kiss her cheek.