Common Mistakes of Online Trans Dating

1. Give him your number and address in the first dating

Some transgender women give their number and address to the other person the first time they meet each other, some even write their number, contact information and address in their profiles. Why it is wrong to do that? Online dating is the moat effective way for all trans people to find their dating partners, but none of these trans dating sites is absolutely safe. Online dating site is the main target of commercial scammers and digital thieves. When you sign up at an online trans dating site, don’t write any important personal information in your profile. On the other hand, you cannot tell your personal information to any online friends, because many commercial scammers and digital thieves disguise themselves as users of dating sites to chat with you online, they are hard to find out. As a user of trans dating site, the only thing you can do to avoid commercial scammers and digital thieves is to protect your personal information as well as you can.

2. Ask your friends to accompany you to your first date

This is a common rule for many girls to ensure tranny date safety, it sounds reasonable. However, it is unnecessary and can affect your dating. How to act naturally with your friends watching you? If you date a man with your friends, it seems you don’t think it is safe to date him alone. You need to focus on both your dating partner and your friends at the same time. How can you make a great impression on your dating partner by this way? There are many ways to ensure your safety, for example, the dating place should near your home, don’t date a stranger in somewhere far from your home, make sure the bar or club is friendly to trans people, you’d better not date with a stranger in the late evening. Instead of asking your friends to accompany you to your dating, you can tell the address of your dating place to your friends.

3. Only focus on appearance

Many trans women just focus on men’s appearance and decide whether to date them. Physical attraction is the first impression, it is very important, but you the inner heart is more important than appearance. Do not go for looks, they can deceive. This is also a common mistake of many men. Usually, men will be attracted by women’s beautiful exterior, but they will change their attention from the exterior to heart when the time goes by. What’s more, some people on trans dating site never post their own photo as the head image, in order to attract more people, they download a beautiful photo online, and use it as the head image, so never judge a person by the photo. If you are interested in someone online, you can chat with him, read his profile to know more about his life. This is a great way to have a comprehensive understanding on him.