6 Basic Rules of Trans Dating

Almost every trans women has experienced such occasion, a man asks many sensitive questions and talk about some embarrassing things in trans dating. What would you do, if you meet these men in dating. Some people may say that transgender people are different from ordinary people, so transgender people need to be treated in a special way. In fact, we only need to treat them as ordinary people, transgender people don’t want to be treated in a special way.

1. Call them “transgender”, not “tranny”
It is rude to use “tranny” in trans dating. Use the right term when date a transgender woman, words like “tranny”, “shemale” cannot be used in ts dating. Transgender people need to be respected.

2. Respect transgender people
Many men are polite when date a transgender woman, they do as what the did when date an ordinary girl. However, there are some guys who treat transgender women as trans without any respect. These men only date transgender women for sex, not for love relationship. I want to mention again, transgender women are real women, they need more respect and love. If you don’t want to have a serious relationship with transgender women, please don’t come to their lives. Respect and treat them as cisgender women.

3. Don’t ask them any questions about gender identity
Many people date a transgender person only because of curiosity. Transgender people seem like a new world for many people, so they want to explore the new world. When date a transgender person, many people keep asking questions about gender identity. Would you ask these questions when date a cisgender woman? If not, please stop asking in trans dating. If you have many questions about transgender people and gender identity, you should search on google before dating.

4. Avoid sensitive topics
Don’t talk about sensitive topics like sexual skills in trans dating. The same as date a cisgender girl, you can talk something about families and future. What’s more, don’t ask some questions your partner don’t want to talk about, because not all trans women are willing to share their experience with you. Trans women who are less supported by their families may also don’t want to share stories about their families with you.

5. Don’t ask about transition surgery
Not all transgender people had transition surgery, and not all transitioned transgender people want to share their surgery process with you. It’s a personal problem, they have the right to keep it as a secret. Is it really important to know whether your date partner had transition surgery? Keep relaxed. You just need to know that you are date a beautiful girl, enjoy your dating.

6. Choose a right topic
Don’t ask your partner about their passion in trans dating, choose a right topic when date a transgender woman. Hobbies and future plan are always great topics for dating. Everyone wants to talk something happy and interesting in dating. It’s rude to talk about sex and gender identity in trans dating.

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